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Xmultiple Guidelines for Panel Cut-Out Design

Side Entry Jack panel stops are to mechanical layouts which lean against the inner side of the wall where it is to be mounted. This panel cut-out is to prevent the pull forces which will be produced by the modular plug once it is inserted. This cut-out on the inner side of the wall will reduce the loosening of the contacts from the modular jack and also reduce the stress which will be exerted upon the solder joints.

This cut-out applies to any application where Contact Arrays are to be used. When a modular plug is inserted the housing where the contact array is mounted has to prevent damage on the solder joints.

Panel cutouts are shown on most Xmultiple drawings. Please call if you do not see the panel cutout for your requirement. Listed below are a few panel cutout for your reference.


Click on the Drawing Below to Open and Download

Panel Cutout Drawing Product Series
XRJM Series XRJM Series
XRJM-04 four port XRJM-S-04-8-8-X
XRJD Series XRJD Series
XRJD 2x2 XRJD-S-22-8-8-X
XRJD 2x4 XRJD-S-24-8-8-X
XRJH-21C XRJH-21C series




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