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XMULTIPLE Unveils a New Technology for RJ Connectors That Doubles the Number of Contacts

XMULTIPLE Technologies Double Sided RJ Connectors

Los Angeles, CA -  XMULTIPLE announced today the release of patent pending UltraJaX, the first double sided terminal contact RJ Connector. The UltraJaX provides the capability of being used with both RJ11 and RJ45 type male plugs in one single RJ Connector assembly packaging. UltraJaX connectors provide the first new major innovative change in RJ connectors since the integration of LEDs was introduced. A new multiple purpose RJ connector with twice the contact count of standard RJ connectors, Combo capability and all the requirements for high-speed networking applications.


RJ11Inserts In One Direction or an RJ45Can Insert In another Direction - allowing one female connector to be used for two separate applications

UltraJaX provides the capability to use either existing RJ male plugs or the new UltraJaX high density male plug with contacts on both sides of the plug. If existing RJ11 or RJ45 connectors are used with the UltraJaX female connector, simply plug the RJ11 in to the UltraJaX in one direction with the contacts on the top of the internal walls of the UltraJaX. Then when you want to use the device in another application, simply insert an RJ45 into
the UltraJaX in the opposite direction.


Twice the number of ports that standard RJ connectors provide - with our UltraJax High Density RJ Plug there are double the contacts- One Connector becomes Two Connectors. Doubles the contact capacity and supports multiple functions.

Using UltraJaX connectors gives networking products double the number of connections in half the space. Multiple port and Stackable connectors have become the commonly used connectors on networking hubs, switches, routers and PC adapter cards. Now with UltraJaX these products can be designed with double the capacity port count with the same size RJ connectors used prior to UltraJaX. UltrajaX increases the capability of each connector to two users per port.


The UltraJaX high density male plug has been designed to meet the need for high-speed Gigabit transmissions. The UltraJaX has up to 16 contact pins. UltraJaX was also designed with X-Shielding which provides the perfect solution for high-speed shielding requirements.

Two Functions - One RJ Connector

Two applications yet one RJ Connector does it all. If you want to use both applications at the same time, simply insert an UltraJaX double sided RJ Plug. Our RJ45 version of UltraJaX has 16 contact pins all in the compact size of one RJ connector. Now with this exciting technology, Multi-port RJ harmonica connectors and Stackable RJ Connectors provide double the contact count for users who need high density connections in a small compact RJ connectivity device.

Xmultiple UltraJax are used by networking, telephone, and computer companies. The UltraJaX are available in one port, multi-ports, and stackables.

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