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XMULTIPLE Unveils a New and Easy To Implement Coaxial Premise Cabling Solution

Los Angeles, CA XMULTIPLE announced XRJAX, a revolutionary new coaxial interconnection system.  XRJAX takes coaxial cables and applies the ease of RJ type connections.   XRJAX is a complete product line of coaxial cables, wall-plates, switches, patchpanels and device connectors which is used to provide a easy-to-use – customer-friendly cabling system for coaxial interconnections.   Interconnection professionals, installers, consultants, contractors and distributors within the premises cabling industry can provide a new and improved way to connect coaxial cables to devices, such as televisions, television equipment, computers, coaxial modems, VCRs, set-top boxes, cable boxes, internet connection equipment, receivers, satellite equipment, DVD equipment, CD equipment and much more.

XMULTIPLE is proud to introduce its new coaxial interconnection solution to the premises cabling industry.  XRJAX offers many exciting new features to the coaxial connection equipment.  Customers are provided with a better way to connect coaxial cables.  Users will find an easy and convenient coaxial interconnection system with a wide range of products.    XRJAX customers will include the education, healthcare, finance, high technology, home market and commercial markets.

Among XRJAX’s many new features are female connectors that offer LED indicators for providing status of the coaxial connection.  XRJAX connectors are also provided with integration of semiconductor components to allow a single package of connector, LED and components for assembly of equipment devices.   XMULTIPLE’s website will provide online catalog so that products can be located easily by its part number or name.   The “Product Search” also includes detailed information such as reference drawings and datasheets corresponding to specific part numbers.

XMULTIPLE has designed this new XRJAX technology as a total resource for the coaxial premises cabling industry.   Other valuable features include simple to use crimping devices to attaché XRJAX male plugs to coaxial cable.   The XMULTIPLE website will provide helpful directions to those who need guidance in making cables or installing coaxial wall plates and connection devices.   In the near future the website will add a section to provide a guide to XMULTLIPLE XRJAX coaxial cabling systems and present scenarios for different elements and equipment types of system. There will also be a glossary that provides the user with easy access to XRJAX networking and cabling terms.

A schedule of XMULTIPLE’s training and XRJAX networking certification courses will be posted on our XMULTIPLE website, to allow users to schedule classes and registration online.


An established leader in RJ interconnection business with companies licensed to manufacture or RJ/LED connectors under U.S. Patent 4,978,317.  XMULTIPLE Technologies provides a comprehensive range of products and service offerings for interconnection solutions.    XMULTIPLE is focused on designing and manufacturing products for structured cabling systems based on optical fiber, coaxial, and twisted-pair copper cabling technologies.  For more information, please call our sales department at 805-579-1100


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Xmultiple modular connectors are available shielded or unshielded and with and without LEDs. LED versions are offered with optional bicolor LEDs.



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