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Xmultiple Releases Expanded Product Line of Stacked RJ/LED Modular Connectors

The Connection is On! -  For Stackable RJ Connectors

Los Angeles, CA. -- XMULTIPLE, located in Los Angeles, California, has released a product line of RJ/LED Connectors. 

XMULTIPLE Stacked Modular Jacks are designed consisting of single stacks or multi-port stacked jacks.  The XRJ9731-881X-2 is a 2 Port (2X1), XRJ9731-881X-4 is a 4 port, XRJ9731-881X-6 is a 6 port, XRJ9731-881-X-8 is an 8 Port, XRJ9731-881X-12 is a 12 port and XRJ9731-881X-16 is an 16 port stacked RJ connector.  Each of these products are 8 position side entry shielded PCB jacks.

Stacked Modular Jacks are provided with low profiles, which will allow them to be used with less space.  This stacked jacks are provided with and without shielding and are available with or without panel ground.

The XMULTIPLE product lines of stacked Modular Jacks are provided with various gold plating options, and optional housing colors.  These high performance category 5 jacks conform to TIA/EIA-568A requirements.  The shield consists of copper alloy base metal with tin-lead plating and copper under plating.  The jack contacts are overall nickel-plated phosphor bronze, with plated gold in the contact area and tin-lead in the solder area.

Xmultiple designs and manufacturers a wide range of RJ style jacks including the RJ11 and RJ45. Products are offered with and with out shielding, built in inductance and LED's. Strip and Ganged version are also offered.
As the patent holder of the RJ45 with built in LED's they have a unique position in the market to deliver performance and price. Only AMP and Amphenol have been licensed to market this patented device.
To read more about the US patent # 4,978,317 click on “About”

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Xmultiple modular connectors are available shielded or unshielded and with and without LEDs. LED versions are offered with optional bicolor LEDs.



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