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XMULTIPLE Releases RJ Connectors with Built-in LEDs for Surface Mount Applications

XMULTIPLE Technologies Enhances RJ Connector/LED Product Line With Surface Mount Modular Jacks

Los Angeles, CA -  XMULTIPLE announced today they have release surface mount RJ Connectors with built-in LEDs manufactured under U.S. Patent 4,978,317.   The patented LEDs are integrated within the housing of the modular jacks with a one-piece construction assuring proper contact of LED pins to the printed circuit board.  The LED functions are transmit/receive, line status and collisions, which can easily be viewed for each port.  All jacks are flame retardant.  The PC board retention will not dislodge from the PC board when subjected to 1 lb. pull before soldering and 10 lb. pull after soldering.

The XMULTIPLE XRJS series is designed for SMT electronic assembly with the most sophisticated SMT equipment.  The XRJS Surface mount LED modular jacks are tape and reel packaged for automatic pick and place SMT equipment.   A picture of the tape and reel packaging is shown below. This tape and reel packaging is compatible with all SMT tape and reel equipment.   The XRJS Surface mount Modular Jacks with LEDs are available in shielded and unshielded single ad dual-port varieties.  These jacks are tape and reel packaged for automatic pick and place equipment.  The following are the main features of the XMULTIPLE XRJS Series connectors:

     *   Unshielded and shielded versions in popular size configurations

     *   Shielded jacks provide grounding through panel and PC Board          

     *   Designed for Direct Surface Mount to PCB with gold plated contacts for lower cost

     *   LEDs located at top of jack for effective visibility

     *   LEDs integrated directly into SMT modular jack maintaining compact form factor

     *   LEDs provided in a variety of colors

     *   Compatible with vapor phase and IR reflow

*   Meets or exceeds FCC Part 68 rules and regulations with standard PC board footprint


Xmultiple RJ connectors with LEDs are used by networking, telephone, cabling and computer companies.    The XRJS are available in one port, and two ports.  Future versions are planned for four, six and eight port.  The price for the one port is $1.05 and the two port is $1.95. 

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Xmultiple modular connectors are available shielded or unshielded and with and without LEDs. LED versions are offered with optional bicolor LEDs.



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