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QSFP+ Optical Cable Assemblies

RoHS Compliant

Product Highlights:

  • QSFP Connectors
  • Premium Cable

Xmultiple QSFP+ Copper Cable Assemblies are designed for 10 Gigabit Ethernet and 40 Gigabit Ethernet applications.

These cable assemblies improve signal reliability at speeds over 10 Gbps per channel as standard QDR (10Gbs/channel) data rate. The Xmultiple QSFP+ meet all IBTA, QSFP MSA and SFF-8436 specification requirements supporting high speed data rate over long distances. Xmultiple high speed cable assemblies meet and exceed industry standards with improved reliability, high-quality signal transmission, easier installation and lower maintenance costs.


Switches / Routers / HBAs
Enterprise Networking
Server & Storage Devices
Data Center Networking
High Performance Computing
Fiber Channel
InfiniBand DDR / QDR
10Gbs / 40Gbs Ethernet
PCI Express 4X / SAS 4X

Description Cooper Transceiver:

1. Hot-plug swappable
2. Optimized NEXT & Return Loss
3. 3X Port Density over SFP/SFP+
4. Innovative EMI/EMC solutions
5. Low cost and low power solution when compared to fiber optical links
6. Supprots both Active and Passive high performance copper cable assemblies
7. Designed to be compliant with QSFP+ MSA and SFF-8431/ SFF-8461 / SFF-8074I
8. Comliant with IEEE 802.3 and Infiniband QDR specifications
9. EEPROM for cable signature and system communications

Active cable assembly supports up to 20 meters
32AWG to 24AWG cable sizes available
RoHS compliant and Halogen-Free option available.

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