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FocalPoint-USB Premium Cable - Type A to B Connector, 30 Microinch Gold and PVC Jacket

RoHS Compliant

Product Highlights:

  • USB Male Connectors
  • Bend Cable In Direction Desired


The FocalPointUSB takes the standard USB cable and makes it better. Now place the cable in the direction where you want it. Universal Serial Bus is a connectivity standard enabling simple Plug and Play connections to devices such as printers, modems, digital cameras, scanners, keyboards, and mice. The USB specification requires a host system be equipped with an A type jack (female). Peripheral devices with permanently attached cables are to be equipped with an A type plug (male). This arrangement prevents improper bus configurations. The B type connector is for peripheral devices with detachable cables. Thus detachable USB cables are configured as an A-B male to male combination. Assuming the use of compliant devices, this prevents topology mis-wiring. With many customer request, Xmultiple offers a FocalPointUSB A-B configured cable.













$5.99 Purchase FocalPoint-USB to Type B Cable

Xmultiple FocalPointUSB Cable and FocalPointUSB Adapters are available in black and white colors.



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