Product Details for XMM-9714-22-5












RJ45 One Port Connector, Shielded, No LED, High Profile

RoHS Compliant

Product Highlights:

  • Shield Type - Shielded
  • Mount Style - Thru-hole
  • No EMI Finger
  • No LEDs
  • High Profile


XMULTIPLE LED Multi-port Modular Jacks are designed under U.S. Patent 4,978,317. The XMM LED Multi-port modular jacks are for applications requiring printed circuit board mounted, shielded and unshielded modular jacks. The XMM's are provided with surface or PC board mount. These high performance category 5 jacks conform to TIA/EIA-568A requirements.

The XMM Modular Jacks are offered in compact sizes and meet FCC Rules and Regulations, Part 68. The shield consists of copper alloy base metal with nichel plating and copper under plating. The jack contacts are overall nickel-plated phosphor bronze, with plated gold in the contact area. The XMM Series is RoHS.