Product Details for XMB-TRJU5202ACNL

RJ45 One Port 1000Mbps Magnetic & Two USB Type A Connectors

RoHS Compliant

Product Highlights:

  • Shield Type - Shielded
  • Mount Style - Thru-hole
  • Spring Tabs
  • LEDs - LEDs (available bi-color)
  • Packaging -45 units per Tray, 270 units per box (carton)
  • Carton Weight - 6.5 kgs Gross Weight
  • Carton Size - 35x25x26 cm


The XMB RJ45/USB connectors bring both electrical efficiency and space saving benefits to LAN on motherboard and PC applications.

The XMB has spring tabs. Integration of the RJ45 and USB connector reduces the size of and RJ45 connector and USB connectors sold separately. This is especially important on servers and desktop computers. The XRJB reduces the component count on the motherboard of desktop PC, thin clients and laptop computers.