Product Details for XRJC-S-4511T

XRJC-S-4511T, RJ11/RJ45 Combo Connector with LEDs

RoHS Compliant

Status: Active

Product Highlights:

  • Shield Type - Shielded
  • Mount Style - Thru-hole
  • LEDs - LEDs (available bi-color)


RJ45/RJ11 Combo LED Modular Jacks are designed under U.S. Patent 4,978,317. The XRJC Combo RJ45/RJ11 modular jacks are for applications requiring printed circuit board mounted, shielded and unshielded modular jacks. The XRJC's are provided with thru hole PC board mount. These high performance category 5 jacks conform to TIA/EIA-568A requirements.

The XRJC Modular Jacks are offered in compact sizes and meet FCC Rules and Regulations, Part 68. The shield consists of copper alloy base metal with tin-lead plating and copper under plating. The jack contacts are overall nickel-plated phosphor bronze, with plated gold in the contact area and tin-lead in the solder area.