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UltraJax RJ45 Wallplate with LEDs

RoHS Compliant

Product Highlights:


UltraJax is a revolutionary new RJ wallplate which provides double the wire contact density of existing RJ wallplates. A printed circuit board ins located in the center of the connector to make contact with pins in the UltraJAX male plug cable.

The UltraJax provides the capability of being used with both RJ11 and RJ45 type male RJ plug all within on single RJ Style Connector assembly packaging. With UltraJax one RJ connector provides the same capability of an RJ11/RJ45 conbo connectors. Cable adapters have an UltraJAX male plug at on end and have an RJ45 or multiple RJ45 standard plugs at the other end of the adapter cable. Adapter are also available with multiple RJ11 connectors or you can mix and match standard RJ45 male plugs with the RJ11 male plugs on the adapter cables.

UltraJAX Female Connector
UltraJAX Male Connector
UltraJAX Splitter Cable RJ45 Type
UltraJAX Splitter Cable RJ11 Type
UltraJAX Wallplate
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