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Connectors and Components

Title Published Date
Ultra Low Profile RJ45 Connector ( 9.85mm height) 1/3/2012
Xmultiple Releases 3xN Stackable Connectors 11/1/2011
Xmultiple Releases 2xN PoE Gigabit Stackable Connectors 6/1/2011
Xmultiple Releases XP1Power Rechargeable Battery Chargers 1/11/2011
Xmultiple Releases XP1Power Wireless Battery Chargers 1/11/2011
Xmultiple Releases XP1Power Solar Battery Chargers 1/11/2011
Xmultiple Releases 10GB Patent Pending Universal Integrated Chip Solution 11/21/2010
Xmultiple Releases iXP1-500 iPad Charging Adapters 10/21/2010
Xmultiple Releases X-CageLite SFP and SFP+ Integrated LED Cage Solution 06/15/2010
Xmultiple Releases X-Power1 Rechargeable USB Cables for Smartphones 06/15/2010
Xmultiple Releases Complete Line of SFP and SFP Plus Connectors 06/08/2010
Xmultiple Releases X-Sealant GEL and Connectors 06/02/2010
Xmultiple Granted FlashPoint ShareDrive Patent 05/28/2010
Xmultiple Releases Complete Product Line of RF Connectors 05/02/2009
Xmultiple Enhances UltraJAX Connectors 05/01/2009
Xmultiple Releases UltraJAX Connectors 04/29/2009
Xmultiple Releases UltraJAX Connectors with Integrated Magnetics 04/22/2009
Xmultiple Releases SQ Flash Memory Card 0415/2009
Xmultiple FlashPoinst Connectors Released 03/30/2009
Xmultiple Releases Internet Radio Chipset/Software and Standalone OEM Unit 03/29/2009
Xmultiple Releases FlashPoint Sensikey (Electronic Key) 03/28/2009
Xmultiple Releases FocalPoint Cable Connectors & SnapOn's 02/20/2009
Xmultiple Releases FocalPoint Cable with Easy Flex 02/28/2009
Xmultiple Granted GigaPlug Patent No. 6,764,333 01/27/2009
GigaPlug - RJ Male Plug for gigabit Transmission 01/23/2009
Stackable RJ/LED Extended Line of Connectors 01/26/2009
XRJAX Coaxial Cable and Connector Solutions 01/25/2009
Xmultiple Stackables with Surge Protection 12/20/2009
RJ11 UltraKey Wallplate w/integrated DSL Filter 12/12/2008
FocalPoint USB Cables 11/03/2008
UltraJAX Press Released 10/26/2008
Expanded Stackable Connetor Line Released  10/21/2008
RJ/LED Surface Mount Connectors 10/20/2008
Sensikey Electronic Key Technology Release 10/14/2008
Surge Protection RJ45 Connectors 10/09/2008
RJ/LED Surface Mount Magnetic Connectors 10/05/2008