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ON Connections Technologies strives to provide the ultimate products with the highest manufacturing excellence. Xmultiple management has implemented various levels of ISO procedures to ensure continual quality and improved procedures to maximize customer satisfaction. Xmultiple has deployed operational procedures in each of our factories to assure our products are the best in the industry. We have designed and implemented patent and patent pending manufacturing processes to provide the highest quality products at the lowest cost to our customers. Xmultiple has been the one of the fastest growing interconnect companies worldwide due to our commitments to our Quality and Support Policies. Attached below is our ISO certificate, RoHS Certificates and SGS Testing Reports. Contact us for additional certificates or test reports from our factories.

Product Compliance
ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System
Xmultiple ISO 9001:2008 Certificate
RoHS Certificates
IEEE 802.3 Published Standard and the Xmultiple 4,978,317 US Patent
DecaBDE Certificate
REACH Substance Certification -XRJD Series- Example
Xmultiple Production Planning
Example of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Magnetic Connectors
Xmultiple Document Control
Statistical Process Controls
Cost of Quality
Gage R&R
Xmultiple Lot Traceability
Xmultiple Quality Objectives
Employee Quality Control Guide

Xmultiple is committed to provide top quality products and services and to do this with the best leadtimes in our market. Manufacturing of our products is performed with certified processes and controls which ensure delivery of the best quality products available. Our employees are trained to respond quickly and to provide timely data for each customer order.

Customer Satisfaction
Xmultiple has a company mission to respond quickly and accurately. Xmultiple strives to be the most responsive interconnect company to both our potential customers and to our existing customers. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. We strive for the most responsive performance in every aspect of our business. We work hard to understand our customer's needs and requirements before we quote an Xmultiple product for your application. Once we propose a product it is to your requirements and preferences and will meet your needs.

ISO Quality
Xmultiple has implemented ISO procedures in our offices as well as our factories. Our products and services are monitored and controlled throughout all aspects from the time you place and order until you receive the delivery of the order.

Xmultiple management ensures the highest performance of each level of producing and delivering your orders. All of this is accomplished with in the most ethical conduct and compliance to safety, health, and environmental regulations.

Digest Quality Products and Deliveries On Time
Each Xmultiple employee is responsible for the quality of your order. Our people are involved in each stage of your orders delivery. Our people are devoted to our customers and their requirements and needs.

Monitoring and Controls
Our management monitors all stages of production of your orders. We use the most accurate practices to move the products you order through our facilities to control the quality.
An important process of Xmultiple's manufacturing is the training and knowledge of our employees. Xmultiple will continually improve our policies and procedures.