LAN Transformers & Power Inductors

High Performance Connectors Are The Trend

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Connectors and Components

High Density Connectors Are The Trend.

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RJ45 Connectors With Integrated PHY

RJ, RF,HDMI, USB, SATA, SFP connectors and more

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Total Interconnect Solutions

ON Connections LAN Transformers and Magnetic RJ45 with Built-In Ethernet PHY

XF and XFTZ Series Connectors

On Connections LAN transformer modules are designed for most popular 10/100 Base TX and Gigabit Ethernet transmission data standards over copper LANs. These LAN modules support the continued convergence of voice and data networking, computing, and storage traffic in the enterprise and data center with excellent insertion loss, return loss, and crosstalk performance and reliability.Connect and Register with us now.

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Xnnexa Component Series

  • LAN Transformer -XF-LCZ3W4CA

    1.IEEE 802.3 Ethernet compatible. 2.100base-TX surface mountable. 3.Design for multi-port repeater and Ethernet switching HUB application. 4.Customer designs available for specific application. 5. RoHS compliant..


    Single Port, Multiple Port Tab Down

  • Single Port, Multiple Port Tab Up

    The XRJM/XMM connectors Are Patent 4,978,317 Industry Standard.

  • RJ45/USB Combo

    XRJB/XMB RJ45 and USB Combo Connectors available with one or two USB Ports

  • RJ45 and RJ11 Combo Connectors

    Low Profile Combo Connectors For Laptops and Desktops Computers

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Transformers-10GB Magnetics

XRJM and XMM Connectors are available in Low Profile. Xmultiple provides Space Saving Height Solutions.

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Components with High Performance

USB 3.0 Connectors provide higher speed and are backward compatible.

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