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XRJAX 6002 Wallplate


Product Highlights:

  • Coax with an RJ Style Connector
  • Adapters attach on coax threaded nut
  • Provide Easy of Use for Coax Cable
  • Male XRJAX Adapter attach to Coax Cable


The new X-RJAX Wallplate from XMULTIPLE revolutionizes the connectivity of coaxial cables. XMULTIPLE has developed a new RJ style connector for connecting coaxial cable to devices such as TVs, VCRs, receivers, satellite equipment, set-top boxes, etc. The X-RJAX Wallplate provides an easy to use XRJAX snap in coax connectivity. Connecting male RJ coaxial connectors to devices has now become a simple task. Coaxial cable snaps into the splitter without the time to screw the old style connectors with F-Connectors.

Compared to existing "F" coax connectors and BNC coax connectors, the new X-RJAX provides a significant easy of connection for users.



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