Product Details for XRJAX 5101-1Thru Hole XRJAX Connector with LEDs











XRJAX 5101-1 Thru Hole XRJAX Connector with LEDs

Product Highlights:

  • Coax with an RJ Style Connector
  • Adapters attach on coax threaded nut
  • Provide Easy of Use for Coax Cable
  • Male XRJAX Adapter attach to Coax Cable


Integrate XRJAX connectors into your products. The XRJAX PCB mount connectors are made with thru hole assembly. XRJAX snap-in coax adapters are a revolutionary new way to connector coaxial cable to coax input/output devices. XRJAX male adapters are designed to be used with coax cables with a "F" connector. The "F" coax connectors are screw on connectors with the coax wire exposed. XRJAX male connectors are an advanced coax connecting device with the coax wire enclosed, secured and protected inside the RJ-45 type plug. The coax wire cannot misalign or bend which results in a perfect connection with the XRJAX female connector. The XRJAX female connector is designed for the male connector to snap-in. The XRJAX female connector opening has a cutout in which the XRJAX male adapters plastic tab snaps-in exactly like and standard RJ45 or RJ-11 connectors.



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