Product Details for XRJAX 9200-RJ-Coax Female Adapter








XRJAX 9200-RJ-Coax Female Adapter


Product Highlights:

  • Coax with an RJ Style Connector
  • Adapters attach on coax threaded nut
  • Provide Easy of Use for Coax Cable
  • Male XRJAX Adapter attach to Coax Cable


Prior to X-RJAX coax connectors included a female-type screw-on connector or a female-type plug on type connector, which can be connected to a male-type connector. The problem with he screw-on type coaxial connector is that the relative inflexible coaxial cable makes the screw-on type connector difficult to align and mate. The plug-on type coaxial connector is much easier to attach than the screw-on type coaxial connector, however the plug-on type coaxial connector can be separated form the male coaxial connector simply by pulling the coaxial cable or the female receptacle form the male coaxial connector.



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